Support for a variety of equipment such as ATM, kiosk, POS, etc.

Automated Equipment Integrated Management System





TA-ADM provides integrated management of distributed automated devices through management file distribution, device currentization, and remote control. It is an integrated device management system that helps managers work efficiently.

  • Efficient system operation through central management
  • Provide high availability capabilities for servers and DB
  • Manageability of status and statistics by providing dashboards
  • OS-independent flexible systems
  • Provide confidentiality and integrity when distributing files

Key Function



Introduction Effect

User Convenience Improvement

  • Distribution/Distribution Package Upgrade
  • distribution file history management
  • Support for reservation distribution and inheritance functions

Strong Security

  • BIO authentication and digital signature protection against denial and confidentiality
  • Encrypted communication between agent and server
  • Ensure integrity by applying hash values to policy files
  • Patents for file distribution management devices for enhanced security


  • Support for creating distribution files and setting policies with fingerprint information and digital signatures
  • Support for securing integrity by linking with file shape management system owned by purchasing customers
  • 2channel/2Way authentication and encryption support

Configuration Diagram