Specialized Solution for Build Upgrade Solution!





TA-FDM is an integrated file distribution management system that efficiently helps Administrators work through Windows 10 and 11 upgrade/build upgrade and file distribution.

  • Efficient system operation through central management
  • Provide high availability capabilities for servers and DB
  • Manageability of status and statistics by providing dashboards
  • OS-independent flexible systems
  • Provide confidentiality and integrity when distributing files
  • Business efficiency through fast distribution and load-balancing management

Key Function




Efficient use of resources

  • Increase efficiency of operation of information resources such as network rental width by supporting various conditional distribution functions and download speed limit functions
  • Reservation and immediate distribution management
  • providing the latest version management capabilities
  • Real IP can be identified instead of NAT IP

Enhanced Security

  • Integrity verification of distribution files to prevent threats such as malicious code
  • Encrypted communication provides integrity and confidentiality
  • Certificate-based file encryption support
  • Provides accountability traceability through differential administrator permissions and log management
  • Security can be provided by linking with internal security solutions (PMS, security management, etc.)

Real-time Management

  • Server-to-client encryption-based real-time communication supports immediate policy reflection
  • Increase management efficiency with health check function
  • Increase distribution speed through TCP and UDP communication

Supporting Environment

  • Windows OS support
  • Windows 10, 11 build update/Windows 11 OS version upgrade support
  • convenient management environment with Web Browser