In Conjunction with Security Equipment

Tracking and taking measures
for security events at the same time!





It took a long time to analyze and analyze the cause PC through manual analysis of the abnormal behavior PC detected through linkage of major security equipment(ESM/SIEM/IPS/DDoS/Web firewall/Black IP/Important server access detection/PC communication history).
TA-STR is a system that automatically tracks and analyzes the security event in real time, responds by automatic action, and secures evidence (PE file) to complete security control (infringement response) work.




Introduction Effect

Same phenomenon PC blocking and searchable

If the analysis of all detection events of security equipment proves to be a threat, it is possible to automatically block and detect PCs with the same phenomenon through a thorough investigation of the PC and the rest of the PCs.

Forensics ready at any time

Forensics can be performed at any time in the future by collecting evidence of PE files that were found to be threatening as a result of analysis of detection security events.

Analysis with a global analysis system

The response is more accurate than any other solution because the response results are derived after analyzing the detection security event with a global analysis system.

Send only the analysis target!
No worries about PC load!

TA-STR agent only sends only symptomatic files from the PC to the server responsively only when the detection event is analyzed, and the analysis and results are derived from the server, so it does not load the user PC.

Easy control with automated processes!

A solution that can automatically respond to all security detection events beyond tracking and analysis of target security events.

SIEM Alert Response Procedure


Security events are collected in real-time through interworking with pre-built security equipment, followed up, and taken action.
If an abnormal behavior PC is found, it can be immediately taken action and evidence PE files are also collected.



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