Accept my pc guard function / Can be managed centrally

User PC Vulnerability Diagnosis and Action





TA-PSI is a system for diagnosing and taking action against vulnerable user PCs that strengthens the central management function of the "My PC Keeper 3.0" function produced by the NIS and the Korea Internet & Security Agency.

  • Support for internal PC security 3.0, automatic installation, and automatic measures
  • User-centered operation and central management operation are possible, and inspection results are handled centrally
  • After PC security check, safety measure subject can be selected (User/Manager)
  • 5 Steps (Safety/Good/Normal/Warning/Danger) Vulnerable Steps Display



  • Minimize work interference at high speed inspection
  • Manageable in conjunction with TA-PRS, a specialized patch management solution
  • Centralized management by managers to maximize work efficiency
  • Exception of inspection items can be set according to customer environment
  • Can set exceptions to MS patches that report problems
  • Basic National Information Security Guidelines and Security Regulations of the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs on Cyber Security Diagnosis Day
  • If there are no patches after checking, patch support directly from the server, not from the download site (Korean, Adobe, Java, etc.)

Key Function

  1. Checking for antivirus installation and execution
  2. Checking for Latest Security Patches for Virus Vaccines
  3. Checking the Operating System for Installation of the Latest Security Patch for MS Office
  4. Check if the latest security patches for Hancom Office programs are installed.
  5. Check/measure for login password stability
  6. Check login password change at least once a quarter
  7. Checking the Screen Saver Configuration
  8. Checking whether user shared folders are configured
  9. Checking whether to allow automatic USB execution
  10. Check the presence of unused (3 months) ActiveX programs

  1. Check if the latest security patches for PDF programs are installed.
  2. Check whether the editing program (MS Word, Hancom Office, PDF) is installed.
  3. Wireless LAN card installation check function
  4. Security USB software installation check function
  5. Check whether unauthorized programs are installed
  6. User PC Process List Collection Function
  7. Check the installation of MS PowerPoint, MS Excel
  8. Checking the Local Account Usage in an Active Directory Environment
  9. Check for latest JAVA security patches
  10. Checking whether a firewall is running
  11. Customer needs check items can be added

Screen Guidance