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Patch Management System Dedicated to Control Systems





TA-PRS for OT is a patch management system dedicated to the control system to eliminate vulnerabilities to OT/ICS.
Securely apply the latest updates and security patches to the control system.

  • Maintain procedures such as the latest updates to the control system and manufacturer cooperation/test to ensure safe application of security patches, and establish policies.
  • Support or provide patch lab that checks the existence of malicious code through an integrity verification clean PC for various patches and update files brought in through external companies, downloads through the Internet, etc.
  • Immediately apply developer security patches to compensate for known vulnerabilities in control system components and support the system to comply with procedures
  • Provides updates to use the latest, secure versions of software such as operating systems, applications, and firmware, and maintains policies to prevent products that are no longer supported (including large build updates for ICS and HMI).
  • Provide a test bed or test environment to test stability when improving control systems, introducing new systems, patching and modifying them (supporting the operation of the Pilot System by component).
  • The only patch management system that supports MS, Apple, and Linux operating systems.